The SAN Script Wednesday, November 30

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
Anthony J. D’Angelo


Artwork by Andy Goldsworthy

In this ephemeral artwork by British artist Andy Goldsworthy, we see how carefully arranged leaves appear to make the base of this tree glow. The artwork was completed in 2013 somewhere in the woods of England’s Hampshire county. Both the tree and leaves are Sycamore and the temporary installation—gone physically—lives on in photographic form. This is one of approximately 200 works featured in Goldsworthy’s book, Ephemeral Works which is available through Abrams Books.

St. Anthony Today

Margaret Dempsey will be in from Ottawa U after 10:30 for follow up with student teacher Michelle Henry. 

Y Kids Academy – last time

Celebration of November birthdays

Goodlife Gymnastics – Grade 3 

Brad Moleski in today!

12 Actions to Maximize the Value of a Teacher’s Time

(some really great ideas here!)


Time. Some teachers never feel like there are enough minutes in the day to teach, and yet some countries, such as Finland, require students spend less time in school while still managing to acquire outstanding results.

What can we learn from those schools to help us to maximize face-to-face time without overloading teachers after hours?  While professionals in other areas, such as lawyers and doctors, can justify time spent with the rates they charge, teachers do not have this luxury.  This means that time is seldom factored in when new demands are placed on educators.  Expectations rise, but the hours in a day remain the same.  This is a systemic problem in many districts all over the world, but there are reasonable and realistic actions that can be taken to eliminate activities that do not honor the value of a teacher’s time.

Take a look at some of the ideas here

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