The SAN Script The week of December 19 – 23

It’s never enough

It’s not enough.

There are more people, better off, with more freedom, more agency and more power than at any other time in our history.

That’s not enough.

As we use technology and culture to create more health, more access and more dignity for more people, we keep reminding ourselves how inadequate it is in the face of the injustice and pain that remains.

That’s how we get better.

We must focus on the less fortunate and the oppressed not because the world isn’t getting better but because it is.

It’s our attention to those on the fringes that causes the world to get better.

When Beauty Leads to Empathy

I’ve been blessed to speak to a variety of audiences and events around the world. But in September it was my great privilege to speak alongside my youngest daughter to a TEDx audiences in West Vancouver.

Having spoken in West Vancouver a few years ago, I was asked to return. A few weeks before my invitation, Martha, who was in grade 12 mentioned that one day she would love to give a TED talk. So I asked Craig Cantlie if he might be willing to take a chance and have Martha and I speak together. Craig listened to our proposal for a talk which was really a thread of an idea and decided to take a chance.

This talk is based on Martha’s passion around feminism. She has taught me a great deal and I tried to take her learning and mine and put it in a broader context. Our process of collaboration began with her writing what she wanted to say. I then tried to compliment her story as best I could.

Given the events of the past few weeks, I think the talk offers much to ponder. My personal passion for civil discourse and a focus on beauty are ideas that I still am working through. I don’t think we’re offering any simple answers here but just a story and some ideas to consider.

St. Anthony this week


Monday, December 19

Office Hours Rec Link Mondays 9:00 – 3:00PM


Tuesday, December 20






Goodlife – Ms Troccoli – 12:50

Wednesday, December 21



Winter Solstice (Discovery Education)

9:00 am – School Assembly

1.Sports Presentation – highlights from this fall

Boys Volleyball

Girls Volleyball

Girls Gaelic Football

Boys Soccer
2. Wastefree Wednesday Winners
3. Report of Waste Audit and Google Slide Presentation
4. Grade 6 (extended class) will be performing a (short) original song at the assembly too

Goodlife Gymnastics – Grade 3  – 2:00 PM

Thursday, December 22


Advent Liturgy – 1:00 pm

Friday, December 23

Goodlife Fitness M Chartrand’s class – 2:20 PM

Last St. Anthony Superstars – 3:00 PM

The beginning of Christmas Break – Merry Christmas Everyone!!



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